How to track a stolen phone

  1. phone spyware for iphone 7 Plus;
  2. Locate A Phone Number.
  3. Don't have a login?.
  4. Watch a video about finding your device.

Check them out below:. Find My Device is a service by Google which is also effective for phone recovery.

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Formerly recognised as Android Device Manager ADM , Find My Device can be used to locate, track, and recover Android devices smartphone, tablet, smartwatch — as long as the device is connected to a Google Account, connected to the internet, and is switched on. With Find My Device, you can locate places where your device has been, erase device data, lock and secure device and also ring your device. IMEI is a digit number used for several proposes — one of which is for tracking and recovering stolen smartphones by GSM network providers and authorities to tracking missing and stolen smartphones.

Make sure you properly note the IMEI number of your phone beforehand or this method will be useless to you. Each time you use a mobile phone to access a network services like make or receive calls or send SMS, the IMEI number is sent to the network base station by the phone. This is what makes tracking by IMEI possible. Successfully tracking a device using IMEI number usually involves the use of sophisticated hardware which is mostly used by law enforcement agencies, network providers, or anyone with access to such equipment.

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Most Mobile Apps that claim to track phone by IMEI are usually gimmick as they do not work if the reviews are anything to go by. My advice is if method 1 and method 2 fail to help track and recover your missing or stolen device, you should contact the police of course, the IMEI number will be required in the police report. You should also contact the network provider with your IMEI number to block blacklist the phone this may require a police report with other documentations. This action will render the phone useless to the thief. If the phone is later recovered, you can also request for the phone to be unblocked whitelisted.

The above are three ways you can track a stolen phone. Do you know other methods?

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen

In cases of financial fraud, contact the Credit Ombudsman to resolve disputes with credit providers or agents. Contact your mobile service provider so that they can block calls from being made using your SIM card. Thieves could end up using your phone to make expensive calls, which you will be responsible for paying. List all the online accounts and services you've used on the device, then change those passwords immediately. Avoid making these changes from public computers which criminals can use to capture your information or over public Wi-Fi services which can be intercepted by criminals. Add your phone's IMEI number to a free global database.

If your phone is found, the IMEI number can be used to contact you. Log a Call. Check Call Status. Self Help. Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - pm Thursday:8am - pm Tel: icts-frontoffice uct. Skip to main content. Phone stolen? This guide will help you to set up and track your device should it ever get stolen. My device has been stolen Mobile devices have become one of the most sought-after items for thieves. Android Android Device Manager can track your Android phone or tablet without you having to install an app.

If this option does not work, your phone may not have internet access. Keep on tracking it until it connects to Google's services. Apple In order to use the Find my iPhone app, you need to have previously activated this service on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Note: Please remember that for this option to work, your stolen device must be connected to the Internet via mobile data or WiFi.

Once you have successfully signed in look for the Find my iPhone icon.

Operating System

The Find my iPhone interface opens. From the All Devices dropdown menu, select your missing device. The tracking process will now commence. If the tracking process is successful your device's location will appear on the map. You now have the option of either playing an acoustic sound, activating Lost Mode or, as a last resort, opting to erase all your data. Note: Find my iPhone will no longer work once you choose the erase option. Once you activate Lost Mode your mobile device will be locked and a customised message which contains a contact number will appear on the stolen device's screen.

Watch a video about finding your device

Should the device not be connected to the internet at the time, Apple will let you know once the device is online so that you can track its whereabouts. Windows Phone Find my phone is automatically set up on your device from the time you start using it. Log on with your Microsoft ID the same one you use to sign in on your phone.

A map will appear with your phone's location.

If you are not seeing your phone's latest location, click Refresh. What next? Report the crime Going to the police station can be quite daunting after you have just been robbed, but you need to report the crime so that you can get a case number. Contact your bank Let your bank know immediately that your device has been stolen and that there is a possibility that the thieves may use your online banking information to make purchases. Prevent your personal documents from being used If your device or any online accounts - such as email or cloud storage contains scans of your ID book and other sensitive documents, register the documents with the SAFPS via phone , email or online web form. Prevent thieves from using your mobile data Contact your mobile service provider so that they can block calls from being made using your SIM card. Change all your passwords List all the online accounts and services you've used on the device, then change those passwords immediately.