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Then, let the easy to use, convenient, powerful — and free — cell phone tracker do all the work for you. You will be able to ensure the safety and location of your child, your spouse, significant other, family member, employee, and of course, your own phone. Even better, putting free mobile GPS trackers on cell phones is a great idea for keeping tabs on your cellphone when you are out travelling, whether domestic or abroad.

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Best GPS Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone 2018

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Monthly - White Label Software we host. This roaming signal, which your phone sends all the time, allows to locate it.

The accuracy of this method depends on the density of cell towers. It is most accurate in cities and highly inaccurate in rural areas. This method can benefit from the addition of software such as Google Maps, which makes it possible to locate the device based on more specific interpretation of the cell signals. The software employs different techniques that work both with and independent from the service provider, usually at the same time. T rack mobile phone by SIM is possible too and is more accurate than the other methods.

Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing

We have put together a list of various ways, mostly software-based but not only, in which can you locate a phone for whatever purposes. Most of these free of charge and some are available for legacy devices such as Blackberry, Windows Phone or even the old Java-operated phones. Some carriers offer a permanent service ti track mobile phone, essentially designed for parents.

Whit this service they will be able to locate their kids and for people to locate family in general. Also not free, but very reliable. You pay for it and it helps you very accurately track your phone from your PC. AccuTracking also offers the same service for GPS trackers.

Prepare Devices

According to the official website, this app is not available now — since March — and they are going to update it to support new platforms. We cannot know if and when it will become officially available again. It supports old Java mobile phones as well as Blackberry and Windows Mobile. It installs on your phone and enables location to track mobile phone using the built-in GPS, if there is one. It installs on the device and works based on the concept of Control Zones. You designate these zones on the map of your city and the app lets you know when the device enters or leaves them. In the free version you can track up to 3 devices and use 1 control zone. You do need to activate the Find My iPhone feature when you set up your iPhone. The service is permanently available and you have to log into iCloud from any browser or by installing Find My iPhone on another device and tracking your lost device from there.

There are various third-party tracking apps available on the AppStore that can help you track other smartphone users. Google Find My Device requires your device to be on, to have location services on and to log into your Google Account. If all these three are true, you can log into your Google Account from any browser and locate your device.

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