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How to Hire a Private Investigator to Confirm Infidelity

The suspicion that your spouse may be cheating is a painful thought. Unfortunately, if you have a suspicion that your spouse is unfaithful, you may be right.

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These statistics do not even include nontraditional forms of infidelity. In a cheating spouse infographic released by PINow in February , infidelity investigators noted six of the most common signs of cheating:.


There are a variety of reasons why investigating infidelity on your own might not be the best option. For one, it can be both emotionally and physically draining.

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A well-trained private investigator will find more information in less time and will remain emotionally detached. The validity of evidence is also more concrete when gathered by an investigator.

While an upset spouse may capture pictures or video of their cheating spouse, this evidence may not be considered valid by a court of law. A private investigator is unbiased and knowledgeable about family law so their proof will stand up in court. Investigations will vary based on your needs and the private investigator conducting the investigation. However, many times an investigation to catch a cheating spouse will include:.

Possible signs of a cheating spouse include:

Investigations into cheating spouses can range from a couple hours to several months. Oftentimes, people will try to be their own private investigators and sometimes this pays off. But I would submit to you that in most cases, this is not a wise approach for several reasons. Your present state of mind—As mentioned earlier, if you are at all human, you are probably not entirely on top of your game, mentally or emotionally.

Your nerves are frayed and raw. Your diet is probably not the most nutritious.

How to Hire a Private Investigator to Confirm Infidelity: 10 Steps

Your perspective of the situation is most-likely so warped by your raw nerves that you are bound to unnecessarily over-analyze some things, while missing other key clues or critical indicators. Keep your mind on what it is you are after here—knowing what is going on in the situation …not just in your gut…not with any degree of doubt—but knowing because you have seen the proof with your own eyes. You are after concrete, documented proof that will demolish the web of lies and deceit your spouse has become so good at spinning around you.

Our success at catching cheating husbands and cheating wives has been proven time and time again.

Do You Have a Cheating Spouse?

Never come out and ask your spouse if they are cheating without any evidence. Not only that, but once your spouse is aware you are onto them, they will be more careful from that point on, and this will make it much more difficult for you to gather hard evidence. Otherwise you can do more damage than good. This creates a tremendous cost on your emotional, social, and even physical health later. Do something about it. Do you have the time to waste or can you afford the risk of getting caught. This makes your job twice as hard. They know you have suspicions now…..

Possible signs of a cheating spouse include:

The key is to make your partner feel so confident that they can get away with cheating … as if you are ignorant and naive of your own traps that you will set for them! Find a trustworthy confidant that you can vent your feelings with. Actually, the best option here is to find yourself a competent, professional counselor. A third party person, unrelated to either you or your spouse who you can talk openly with about your situation, your fears, your concerns as well as any physical symptoms you may be suffering from during this strenuous challenge. The point is, you have to sort out what is going on in your life with a trustworthy sounding board. Many of the things cheating spouses actually do are so astonishing that a normal mind will have trouble processing the event, especially when the wrong-doer is someone you thought you knew and understood so well. If you…. What do you have to lose? Not only that. You have to know what actions not to take You know, the ones that can either blow all other chances of finding out the truth or worse yet, land you in jail for something illegal.

If you really want a healthy and fulfilling life…if you want to turn the corner in your life and transform yourself from being the victim to being on offense, then there is no doubt in my mind that we can help you do just that. It is not enough on its own to suspect your spouse of cheating. You need proof , and that is what we will give you. Now, this is not to say we are the cheapest investigators in town.

In fact, we are probably on the higher end, price-wise.

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